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Grandpa Munster - The Munsters
Grandpa Munster Info
"Isn't that just like Lily, always looking at the bright side of things."

Real Name: Count Dracula (aka Sam Dracula)

Age: 378

Appearance: Resembles a tall penguin

Birthplace: Transylvania ("The Old Country")

Abilities: Magic; Psychic (he can tell when the phone is about to ring)

Marital Status: Currently single (has had 16 wives)

Children: Lily, Lester, and another daughter (no name given)

Preferences: Sleeps on a slab or hangs from rafters

Philosophy: "My father and I were very close. He used to give me such wonderful advice. I remember one day he said to me,`Son, as you go through life bury your mistakes'; "You see, my father never believed in divorce."

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